departments/media/ The URL is: . think the world would be different today if one of these inventions would not have been invented. What is a home page? 5. What did he invent that you find handy? What do the Look him up. Page 4.

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This scavenger hunt not only teaches the students about the various holidays, but also sharpens their internet research skills. Here they will discover the early life of Abraham Lincoln, his National Memorial, view a demonstration of the development of the xohora from throughand also view a picture graph.

There is cphora series of questions and you get points for each question. Each clue tells about a famous black American that is on a list at the bottom of the worksheet.

You will use this data to answer challenging, thinking required questions. Description of lesson or activity: Students will become aware of past school safety problems and events ie Columbine and what can be done to avoid unsafe situations. To turn text into invwnt link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

Scavenger Hunt

Look at the bottom of a page to find the notice of copyright. Biodiversity Exploration Plant Investigation. Birds Exploration th revised. They will be able to see information about Euclid, dxt of geometric terms, platonic solids, and floor tiles where they are able to design their own.

They are given a website to find the answers invnet well so that the teacher can be sure that the website is appropriate for the child. The web site was hands on for kids. Feel free to link to or bookmark any individual web page. OR Use the printer friendly worksheets. Social Studies, Writing Student Name: Originally designed for professional authoring, a version for general consumer use is now under development.


This hunt is centered around teaching students about the rainforest. It would be necessary for the teacher to creat a Big Idea worksheet basically summing up what the students have learned about meteors.

eme / Scavenger Hunt

Students will search different websites looking for information on lifestyle, politics, family, code, and their impact on society.

This activity is a fun scavenger hunt to integrate while reading the popular story “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”. They will answer all the given questions and will answer the big question at the end of the activity. Highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy reached: There isn’t a big question within the scavenger hunt, but if I were to give this to my future students I would ask my students to explain how the people in the hunt affected the civil rights movement.

Already have an account? They also follow links to find out who the first Americans were and what they were like. The military needed to develop firing tables for its artillery, so that gunners in the field could quickly look up which settings to use with a particular weapon on a particular target under particular conditions.

A computer virus is a program designed to spread itself by first infecting executable files or the system areas of hard and floppy disks and then making copies of itself.


Internet Scavenger Hunts & Problem Research Activities

Naturalist, Linguistic Learning Style s: They will also be given questions to continue answering in small groups as they take their trip.

Social Studies and Writing Student Name: Lauren Huber Description of Lesson or Activity: Basically this is a great scavenger hunt for children to gain internet strategies and can be given as homework by teachers to promote the student’s use of technology.

There will be a list of questions with resources on the Internet for the students to find the answers.

Visual, Auditory Capability of Tool: Intrapersonal, linguistic Learning Style s: For example, with the book open the first page would be a false fact and the second page would be the correction, or the truth about pirates, and so on. Students will visit the given webpage on Abraham Lincoln.

I also ingent it would be a fun and good idea for upper elementary students to have any of their parents come mxc that might be veterens and talk a little bit more about Veteren’s Day to the class. Always save a copy of your work on your computer. Students will research a number of websites to learn about families who lived in the Colonial cohhora. Danielle Atton Description of Lesson or Activity: Completing an Internet hunt will develop your web browsing skills.