The tutorial was developed using JDK , GWT and Eclipse .. UIBinder allows to design GWT UI’s declarative via XML. Create a new. How to simplify your overall layout using XML-based markup instead of doing it all in Java. In this section, we explorer two import concepts – GWT UiBinder and In the above example, the Composite WrapperWidget wraps the Label.

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This means that the compiler will warn you if you misspell the class name when you try to use it e. Callback To receive a callback a class needs to be implemented which can then react on a failure or success in the communication.

Interface The client server communication is based on an interface which defines the possible communication methods. UiBinder ; import com.

Composite ; import com. There are no uibinde. The onBrowserEvent in the renderer interface only requires the first three arguments to be defined. In the Java code, a field with the same name is marked with the UiField annotation.

Gt applications are described as modules. This chapter describes how you can make these projects available to the GWT compiler as modules. The HelloWorldWidget can be added to any panel class. Relying only on text as we did in the previous example is pretty limiting. How many times have you written something like this?

GWT UIBinder and Custom Widget – CodeTab

It will route events to your handler methods based on the event type, and the HTML element on which the event was received. Notice the field name myPanelContent tutorisl the template.


The following is a description of the usage of the Google plug-in to create a new GWT application. Create the following interface. Now suppose you wanted to nest a widget inside your MyBinderWidget that did something when a button was clicked. This is bad practice as it leads to code duplication which is inherently evil. ServiceDefTarget tjtorial import com. All Java code which is compiled for the client Webbrowser must be stored under client.

UiBinder handles a lot of this work for uininder. In GWT the entry point is similar to the main method in Java. DialogBox ; import com. The type of the first parameter, ClickEventwill determine the type of event handled.

MyUser ; import de. Read on to see how pass an instance in instead of having it created for you. For the server implementation create a package “de. Elsewhere in the app is a template with a lot of dom element gt. But as you learn what UiBinder is, you should also understand what it is not.

ListBox ; import com.

Besides being a more natural and concise way to build your UI than doing it through code, UiBinder can also make your app more efficient.

The name of these getters must match the ui: UiRenderer lets you define getters to retrieve styles defined in the template. UiBinder naturally takes advantage of this, and the result is that the most pleasant way to build your app is also the best way to build it. We’ll create a small series of checkboxes that allows the user to select their favorite colors and display them when the button is clicked. The eclipse console shows the values of the users send to your Google Web application via the service.


Any other arguments after that are for your convenience, and will be passed verbatim to the handlers. Additional public resources, e. The rest of this page explains how to use UiBinder through a series of typical use cases. For example you can create the following component which is a simple header label I assume you can easily image a more complex example. GWT Project Structure Overview If you investigate your example from the last chapter you will see the following project structure.

Create the server For the server implementation create a package “de.

GWT UIBinder and Custom Widget

When you click Finish the plugin will create a new UiBinder template and owner class. The module is connected to a HTML page, which is called “host page”. The last thing we’ll need to do is add our new widget to the MyBinderWidget template.

You then instantiate and use the owner class as you would any other uibindfr of UI code. RemoteService ; import com. A module “modulename” is described by a configuration file “modulename. Change it to the following. We want to use this model in a GWT project. This interface needs to be available on the client side, therefore it must be placed in the client package.

Create project and domain model Create a GWT project “de. Choose the client package for the project and then name it MyBinderWidget.