EXTRA TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner xtraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of Tragedy Tolstoy or. O 5 h-J stf 5 3 £ 2 2 5 q E O EXTRA- TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner Extraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of. The Struggle Between Text and Land in Contemporary Jewry: Reflections on George Steiner’sOur Homeland, The Marmur – – History of.

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Even in these virtuoso flights, as in certain writings of Swift, the excremental and sadistic compulsion seems to go beyond artistic purpose.

Monotheism, that tran- scendental magnification of the image of the human self, acknowledges this truth when it defines God by a gram- 7 No one concerned with the philosophy of language can afford to overlook Dr. Far more disturbing, far more subversive of Ruskin’s and Sartre’s humanism, would be the case of a man in whom explicit barbarism coexisted with the crea- tion of a classical, imaginatively ordered work of art. At the sight of a set, even the tawdriest of plastic pocket sets, one’s fingers arch and a coldness as in a light sleep steals over one’s spine.

The wealth and seriousness of its arguments have until now scarcely been followed up. In Celine, a justifiable pacifism went mad. The weaker the play, the more rapid his circuit around the room. What were called “finite-state” and “phrase-structure” rules of grammar could also do the job: The links with Samuel Beckett are obvious. Some of his earliest and best work derives from the legends of knifings in the Palermo quarter of Buenos Aires, and from the he- roic razzias of gauchos and frontier soldiers.

Allegoric associations of death with chess are perennial: Los diez textos que componen este volumen -escritos entre y son una clara muestra de la aguda penetracion y erudicion de George Steiner.

These notions, eloquent in Herder, Michelet, Humboldt, seem to match common sense. Speech is the systole and diastole of sus- tained being; it gives inward and outward proof.


Quite often, in fact, the writer felt more at ease in Latin or in French than he did in his own tongue: Obviously, there is a puzzle here, and one that may have bearing beyond the particular case. He announces mate in six because the victorious end position, the maxi- mally efficient configuration of his pieces on the board, lies somehow “out there,” in graphic, inexplicably clear sight of his mind.

Other species build and war; others develop kinship patterns and have devised the mystery of play.

These are visible, for the first time perhaps, in Heine. Analytic and mimetic ways of experiencing the deep paradoxality and fragility of language interact at numerous key points. It comes through penetratingly even in the more steier, explicitly technical of Nabokov’s pronouncements.

Berlin’s treatment of the defense is unimaginative, and Julian’s breakthrough on the twenty-second move hardly merits the excited response provided by the novelist, let alone the Championship.

The keynote is one of genuine yet faintly insolent amaze- ment: All this arch learning has its comical and gently histrionic sides. The quarrel of Platonism with certain modes of fiction and dramatic mime is a quarrel with a rival, potentially anarchic mapping.

It comes over you like a georg and you lose all sense of the way things are. Ostrov- sky is all passion and commitment. Medieval sensibility and the extrqterritorial focus of Talmudic and kabbalistic exegesis left their impress on Spinoza.

George Steiner, Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution – PhilPapers

The Master forces an exchange of queens, and there surges up in my memory, with daemonic precision, the vision of the Yates-Lasker game in the seventeenth round of the 1 World Championship in New York. Dolphins pipe signals of warning or summons.

Eliot, and Pound to resist any facile congruence be- tween the creation of major poetry and the kind extraterriyorial radical humanism, of libertarian commitment, that Ruskin and Sartre had in mind. But the worry lies deeper. The same book or fragment may lead several lives; pieces go underground and reappear much later, subtly transmuted.



The artist and the writer are incessant tourists window-shopping over the entire compass of available forms. A recognition of extraterritorial fact, and of the methodological dilemmas that arise from it, inspires the revaluation of psychoanalysis currently taking place in France. They consider certain philosophic and literary elements in this radical return – a renovation which is at the exrraterritorial time a re-experiencing-of extraferritorial image of the human person as uniquely related to the act of speech, to the Logos.

Though he does not, so far as I know, publish poetry or parables outside Spanish, Borges is another of the new “esperantists. Jul 16, Francisco Luiz Garcia rated it it was amazing. It comes over you like a fever and you lose all sense of the way things are.

Is a good deal of Nabokov’s English a piece of smuggling, an illicit con- veyance across the frontier, of Russian verse now captive in a society he contemns? Each language derives certain conventions of recognition, certain rules of relationship or antithesis from a manifold, striner random or chaotic potential.

This is well put by Dr.

Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution

With a scatological crudity comparable only to that of Streicher’s Sturmer, Celine depicts the Jew as the venomous louse in the body of Western culture. Bill rated it really liked it Dec 16, There were not many steps.

But that will not get us very far. Now I can forget them. In this self-sustaining dynamism, information is of the essence.