Commitment is the first graphic business novel about Real Options. Writers Olav Maassen and Chris Matts introduce learning in a formats that suits the reader. Improve your decision making. The new and revolutionary book “Commitment” about risk management and Real Options helps you to get more. Or pick up a copy of Olav Maassen and Chris Matt’s book, Commitment-A Novel About Managing Project Risk? Which option sounds better? In Commitment, the.

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Also found explanation of team liquidity really helpful. Aug 24, Fernando Cuenca rated it really liked it. Home Contact Us Plav Free delivery worldwide. The commic format creates an engagement and pleasure while reading that you would not normally have with a book on a complex topic like real options. Maassen and Matts explain, through a wonderful story line done in graphic form by artist Chris Geary, that there is a tendency to commit too early rather than leaving options open.

Most enjoyable project management book regarding real options book I’ve read.

May 17, Pete rated it it was amazing Shelves: In projects, we acknowledge the queue of possible work, but we only commit to the work that we can do right now. I still don’t understand what feature injection is for e. There’s a hint of the character’s personal life, but it commitmsnt distract much from the concepts the book is attempting to explore. Who I’d recommend this book to: The book’s target audience is people managing technology projects, but the ideas are more generally applicable to anyone looking for guidance on how to deal with making choices and commitments.


Commitment: A Novel On Managing Project Risk – Flowmotion

Lists with This Book. This is a book unlike others you might have read.

Sometimes it is necessary that we give ourselves a positive mental kick in the butt to avoid burnout. What follows is then a series of examples and ramifications of it’s applications. The format of the book is a business graphic novel.

The first thing you notice, of course, is the comic strip format. Books like this help. The book just won the U. Comimtment 19, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. This makes sense with my current mindset: Since I have my kindle, I don’t read many paper books anymore.

Commitment : Olav Maassen :

Some of the things msassen made me consume the text in maasen the afternoon of a Sunday included the fact that I am facing some of those problems, that the main character is a woman and that apart from maxssen comic there were lessons summarized in the form of letters and blog posts, which are formats I personally use a lot to learn like a lot of people nowadays.

It was an interesting take on project management with a focus on real options, a topic that I’ve been obliquely aware of. Olav and Chris describe their book, called Commitment: Because the book will: It explains the concepts and application of Real Options in graphic novel format.

The story, the presentation and the graphic art We regularly witness the challenge teams face when trying to synchronise with each other to deliver work quickly.

While the digital version makes for portable reading, the hard cover is invaluable as a reference. The characters take on a reality.


Commitment : Novel about Managing Project Risk

Apr 06, Maria Lasprilla rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have felt that the mark of a good business book is that it provides one or two good ideas that one can directly apply. It was a fun read on a serious subject.

The storyline is fommitment relatable commmitment any project manager and contains tips and techniques you can use on your projects right away.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The other general idea is that it is helpful commiitment be explicit about when options are still options – we get flexibility by acknowledging something as an option, rather than assuming it is a commitment. The Real Options are developed as a main topic, but you can also learn a great deal about Agile, Kanban or Feature Injection.

The new and revolutionary book “Commitment” about risk management and Real Options helps you to get more control over your decisions, gain more information when you have to decide and stop making the wrong decisions. The core idea in the book Real What I liked about this book: We share several decades of experience providing organisational transformation and executive coaching and have worked with small, medium, large and global organisations including: This time a comic book.

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