BrickJournal #24 (84 full-color pages, $), the magazine for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages, hits the tracks and goes all-aboard LEGO trains this issue, with a. While your buying BrickJournal issue 46, you can also still pick up issue BrickJournal 24 is also a LEGO train themed issue. And though it. BRICKJOURNAL. # LEGO TRAINS! Builder CALE LEIPHART shows how to get started building trains and train layouts, with instructions on building.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Issue 7 is also uploaded but is only available to web subscribers.

Trains in BrickJournal Magazine

Buy BrickJournal issue 24 here. Plans are also underway for a print version of the magazine!

Buy BrickJournal issue 46 here. For packages of 4 lbs. It spotlights all aspects of the building community, showcasing events, people, brickkjournal models in every issue, with contributions and how-to articles by top builders worldwide, new product intros, and more!

Comments and feedback are welcome! Issue 8 is online and available for viewing.

24 Brickjournal # 24

And it chock full of great articles and important news! Go to the Lugnet announcement in order to download it. This will become an archive for the magazine and related materials as time goes on, and with the event calendar tied in, this will become something of a timeline for the community.

BrickJournal editor Joe Meno has announced that the Web site for the magazine has been officially launched.

MAR – BRICKJOURNAL #52 – Previews World

Head on over to the site and check it out! You can purchase the issue, in print or digital download, through TwoMorrows Publishing or better yet, subscribe and get all the great LEGO fan content that BrickJournal provides, delivered to your door bimonthly.


If your order contains a combination of items that are currently shipping, and upcoming items i. I am uploading other issues and hope to have all archived by the end of August.

Subscribers will be able to access all the archived content for use. Rise of an Empire, brickjournl Gravity. Issue 46 cover of BrickJournal. Inmy wife Pamela and I started TwoMorrows Advertising in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing advertising and graphic design services to local and national accounts.

Editor Joe Meno has announced the release bridkjournal BrickJournal issue 5. If you want a larger package over 4 lbs. Powered by Zen Cart.

Buy BrickJournal issue 46 here BrickJournal issue Brick Model Railroader is in issue 46 of BrickJournal magazine. In addition, we publish a line of highly respected and award-winning trade paperbacks, encompassing a wide variety of interests. Editor Joe Meno has announced that the latest issue of BrickJournal issue 9 is now available for download.

What the website will offer is an interactive approach to reading the magazine, with links to related subjects and also web-exclusive materials, such as video. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. And though it predates the birth of Brick Model Railroader, a few us here at BMR, including myself, can be found within either authoring articles, or the subject of them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You must be logged in to post a comment. Flat Rate bric,journal usually takes weeks it goes by “Surface” and the minimum charge is for 11 lbs. Joe says that this will be the last free issue, and that the journal will be available in printed form starting next February. Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: Inwe teamed with editor Jon B.


Tell all your friends! Thanks to VignetteBricks and Klasbricks for the brickjourna as well. While your buying BrickJournal issue 46, you can also still pick up issue Brifkjournal will be uploaded quarterly to coincide with releases. Customers who bought this product also purchased Nathan will be signing books at TwoMorrows booth after the panel until the hall closes.

Welcome to our Store! Learn how your comment data is processed.

Series – BRICKJOURNAL – Previews World

TJKC quickly caught on, and things snowballed from there. Public visitors will only be able to view the current issue and what is designated as public, such as instructions and news. Cover photo by Cale Leiphart. With a news page, BrickJournal will be able to report faster on events and also brickkjournal able to include more content, such as photos that were submitted, but not used in the magazine, for future issues.

Future plans for the website include establishing an image bank for BrickJournal photography thank you Didiera page for sellers, and a couple of other surprises!

This issue includes coverage of events such as BrickFest and detailed information on Brivkjournal Street.

If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get into San Diego Comic-Con and can go, here is a quick list of panels that may pique your LEGO interest!!!