Download III razred, nastavni plan i program za gimnaziju Plan i program rada za gimnazije prirodno-matematickog smera. TRANSCRIPT. III. biologija za 3 razred gimnazije prirodno matematickog smera pdf za 4 razred gimnazije opsteg smera pdf biologija za 3 razred za 1 i 2 razred gimnazije Read . Undergraduate studies – Biology / Prirodno-matematički fakultet N. Nedeljković: Biologija za III razred gimnazije prirodno-matematičkog smera, Zavod.

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FCUB – Nadežda Ž. Nedeljković

Through his classes, he tries biologkja establish an interspecific and inter-subject correlation. However, XXI century clearly shows that issues of environment and development cannot be separated, therefore the idea of sustainable development has been developed in order to represent the sort of development needed to satisfy the needs of present times, and gimnazijje an idea for future generations to satisfy their own needs.

He has been a member of the Serban Geography Society for a long time in whose editions he publishes publications and a member of the Red Cross of Serbia with whose branch in Kraljevo he has excellent cooperation.

Rewarded educators in previous years. He is the gimnazjje of the first educational complex for children Magical village, in which children in a natural environment learn and encourage their creativity and curiosity. She is the co-author of four seminars for teachers one is online.

This is way for students to make progress according to their abilities. Follow innovation in teaching and apply them. Visualizing lessons, turning everything into a game, a brain or a puzzle.


They have won the places from the first place to the third one in municipal and city competitions. He is the co-author of the accredited panel discussions “New Trends in Natural Science 1 and 2”, is the manager of the Greenwave project and an associate at the Center for Talents.

It is always available and ready to help and make an extra effort. Sa poslednjom generacijom ucenika istovremeno je pripremala dve predstave: Her works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools”, “Digital Time” and “Learned at the seminar applied in practice”.

She develops empathy and humaneness in students. She directs her student towards the search for ideas which would instigate economic development of Serbia.

Together with her gimmazije she breathed life intto the school premises ethno classroom, educational billboards, didactic material… She provided her students with innovative material, digital classroom, whiteboard, computer, printer, accordion, metallophone.

Planira po principu horizontalne i vertikalne integracije.

Jedan je od 20 nastavnika koje je Microsoft Konkurs za Najbolje edukatore za She is also the author of several books for children: In her school she is known as someone who unselfishly helps her colleagues in their wish to advance. After a while, she receives the title — independent pedagogical counselor. Autor je i realizator mnogobrojnih seminara, predavanja, tribina, konferencija, veb konferencija i onlajn seminara.

Third “New Hopes of Chess”!

The whole class participates in the drama section and accepting its role in the play, the child prepares to accept the future life role of the society and the reality that surrounds it. Even after thirty years of work experience she still wants to gain new knowledge. This year will be held a tournament for children up to 10 and children up to 14 years, as well as chess tournament amateur and team tournament of the Army of Serbia. She organized a literary competition Children have right, dedicated to the fight against peer violence and all other forms of violence.


He is the author and the editor of the website on geography www. It uses different pedagogical methods, styles and teaching methods adapted to students with disabilities. The contemporary society has been facing a crisis for over a period of years, and the near future does not show much chance of ending it.

PMF Naslovnica

He takes part in all activities at school with joy. Neurobiological Studies — From genes to Behaviour, eds. Today, the sports section of the Zemun gymnasium has grown into a sports association “Maturanti marathon” with art, Facebook page, Youtube channel whose mission is to spread the ideology of a healthy and active way of life.

Fazred Petrovic is a teacher of technical subjects at the Mechanical Technical School ” She is one of the organizers of the Festival of Science at school.