Introduction To Segmentation: The microprocessor has 20 bit address pins; these are capable of addressing 1MegaByte memory. Causes all segments to default to DWORD alignmentP enabled assembly of all instructions (see) enabled assembly of instructions . This directive tells the assembler the name of the logical segment it should use for a specified segment. For example ASSUME CS:CODE, tells.

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Each time the assembler finds the name in the program, it will replace the name with the value or symbol you given to that name.

The program is stored in code segment area. The code segment registers are used to hold programs,data segment register to keep data, stack segment register for stack operations and extra segment register to keep strings of data. Mohaimen Himu October 24, at They generate and store information in the memory.

Receive All Updates Via Facebook. To this a bit offset is added to generate the bit physical address.


Each memory model has various limitations depending on the maximum space available for code and data. This directive is used to direct the assembler to reserve 4 words 8bytes of memory for the specified variable and may initialize it with the specified values. The specialty of these statements is that they are effective only during the assembly of a program but they do not generate any code that is machine executable. DT — Define Ten Bytes. The DT directive directs the assembler to define the specified variable requiring bytes for its storage and initialize the bytes with the specified values.


Define Double word [DD]- It defines the data items that are a double word four bytes in length.

Logical Name Of A Module: Segmentation helps in the following way. This multiplication process takes place in the adder and thus a 20 bit number is generated.

The PROC directive marks the start of a named procedure in the statement. To generate this 20 bit physical address from 2 sixteen bit registers, the following procedure is adopted. Posted by k10blogger at 2: Popular Tags Blog Archives. Rest will be added with time…….

Macro Assembler Directives

Interfacing of Math Co Processor. Its format is as follows: This directive is used to define a variable of type word or to reserve storage location of type word in memory. This method of specifying jump address saves memory. The contents of the segment registers are shifted left four times with zeroes 0?

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Assembler Memory models Each model defines the way that a program is stored in the memory dkrectives. The Addressing Modes. ENDS This directive is used with name of the segment to indicate the end of that logic segment.

The EVEN directive updates the location counter to the next even address, if the current location counter contents are not even, and assigns the following routine or variable or constant to that address.

You get question papers, syllabus, subject analysis, answers – all in one app. The assembler directives can be divided into two directibes namely the general purpose directives and the special directives.

Normally the data is variable. This directive is used to group the logical segments named after the directive into one logical group segment.