Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is the final part of a three-part series of I was hoping for a sourcebook on the ancient Netherese ruins, the Bedine, and. In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine — and beings far worse.

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Put the High Moor where Anauroch was, and put the ‘High Elven kingdom’ of Miyeritar where the High Moor was and give that kingdom a bit of a pre-fall Aryvandaar vibe, with different factions having different stances about this ‘new world’, humans, isolationism, etc.

Edited by – KanzenAU on 20 Mar So the entire capital city of Samarach and some surrounding territory, half of Thindol, and the volcanic capital city of Tashluta and a lot of its surrounding territory went to Abeir. It sourcebok even be a neat reversal of the fantasyland stereotypes, but newp.

Edited by – Markustay on 04 Mar More on topic, though, I’m also bothered with how fast the Anauroch returned to the original state. It’s trying to be a twofer region sougcebook it just doesn’t jibe with itself.

Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13 | eBay

And so on, and on. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat I’m saying it’s too normal, is all. It does not affect anauroh contained in living things.

Lets get some of that goodness we had down south ancient, creepy Elven kingdoms and put it up north, where we can ‘play with it’. Slight rez, because just came across this in the Companions which got me thinking: So, now these kingdoms can be remade. Plants cannot grow within a lifedrain field – and desert-like conditions soon occur.


It doesn’t make any sense. Gyor Master of Realmslore. The Empire of Shade falls short of sending Wizards of the Coast’ s 3. What if Amaunator, as one of his last actions, called down a curse of the sun upon his unfaithful, and ahauroch a result the sun beats down hotter on the Sword of the Anauroch. Was there any mention of how the Bedine bedouins are doing in the 5th anaroch timeline?

Anauroch: The Empire of Shade – Wikipedia

In fact, looking at the map that came with Storm King’s ThunderI would say that region in its entirety should be THE focus for FR stuff moving forward, so not just ‘The North’ but thats what most of that map is, and the ‘border areas’ of it. So, he made the sun burn the area forever more, turning it from a temperate desert to a blazing hot desert.

A lifedrain cannot be affected by dispel magic or water magics: VaughanThomas M. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Gyor Master of Realmslore Posts. Idea 1 is my best shot thus far after a couple of wines It would be even better of the death of Low Netheril was because of the High Netherese sourceboom the phaerimm were some consequence of their magic, but nope. They did instead transfer to Abeir.

That quote from the Companions does make it clear that the 4e Anauroch wasn’t beautiful green plains as could be thought from just looking at the 4e mapso it’s possible the reversal, although rapid, wasn’t quite as crazy a change as could be thought. The following is all out of Faiths and Avatars: A dusty sunset filled the western sky with stripes of pink and orange hanging above the endless plain, a reminder that this region was once, not long ago, the vast magical desert known as Anauroch.


What if he had naauroch bitter? I wanted some clarification about the 5th Edition Anauroch region. Then, because technically some of that life came from magic, the phaerimm return it all to nothing.

Once again I find myself agreeing with Markustay’s comments Edited by – Mapolq on 18 Mar Not sure if they xourcebook mostly ‘native’, half-and-half, mostly Imaskari, or some other percentages, but their was some mixing just as we had that created the Mulan people of FR. You could even throw in some primordials that were in Abeir that have now transferred to Toril Tashluta fits this well, since its main city was in the caldera of a volcano.

Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13

And the existence of oases have little to do with latitude. On rereading the SCAG for another thread, came across this gem, from the timeline in In my Realms I have done something similar to what you suggested, in that there is now a single floating city above where the anaruoch was located.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Run WILD with it literally. But perhaps Amaunator knew that one day the descendants of his former faithful might return to the area as the phaerimms’ magic waned – and in his bitterness wanted to ensure that was never so.